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As a nation we rely heavily on our cars, Britons own over twenty-four million of them and the number continues to rise. Over £9 billion per annum is spent on car servicing and repairs. Consumers rightly demand greater safety and better value for money but as cars become more complex, fewer and fewer people have the specialist equipment and the skills to undertake the complex diagnostics modern cars require.

Getting the Most from Your Car Service

Poorly serviced or repaired cars present a major hazard to the public, with over 40,000 people killed or injured on Britain's roads every year, many of these tragic accidents are caused by unroadworthy vehicles, which could have been prevented by regular, properly qualified servicing.

Many people do not fully understand the importance of legitimate servicing, and some don’t care what’s been carried out on a service as long as there is a garage stamp in the service book!

Vehicle manufactures go to great lengths to ensure that their vehicles are kept safe and reliable for as long as possible, each service should be accompanied by a detailed check sheet with exactly what has been checked on that particular service to make sure items aren’t duplicated on the next service as different items are changed at different intervals.

Don’t just settle for a stamp in the book, demand to know exactly what you have just spent your money on, ask for an itemised service schedule and question that the right grade and specification of oils have been used.

Regular servicing can also save you money as it can reduce the cost of what might be costly repairs in the future. Additionally servicing can help improve fuel efficiency.

West Exe Motors Servicing Expertise

At West Exe Motors our fully qualified diagnostic team are trained to undertake all your servicing requirements, utilizing the latest, specialised diagnostic tools. They are experts on Citroens, Peugeots and Kia, "Whatever the car, we have got the technical know-how and ability to sort it out", says manager Alan Collins.

Other Services We Offer

West Exe Motors also offer tyres, wheel balancing and puncture repairs. We have the latest A/C diagnostic equipment to cover all aspects of air conditioning servicing - did you know that air conditioning needs to be serviced and disinfected every two years to stop those musty smells and bacteria forming? We also offer a great deal on clutches and exhausts, in addition to being a brake safety centre.

So whatever your vehicle serving requirements contact West Exe Motors today for safe, value for money servicing because we are "Small enough to care, Big enough to cope."

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